Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jour Un

Day one, the best and the worst day. The whole day is just one big oxymoron of feelings. The main goal is to get through the day and not mess it up. If I can get through today completely right, then that will make day two that much more inspiring. Now, I'm going to give you a little background history of myself as I sip on my can of Coca Cola Zero
First of all, I have a lot of experience with health, fitness, and dieting-more than five years of it. A lot of things that I went through are to be kept private or in the past, but I've had my fair shares of ups and downs. Like many of you, I'm what they deem a "yo-yo dieter" or someone on a "weight roller coaster." I've been up and down so many times, I'm nauseous! I've decided that I'm getting off of this ride, once and for all!
I'm a very young college student, who has just gained thirty-three pounds since the middle of October. Here I am over a half a year later, ready to reverse time. One of my favorite inspirational quotes that has really given me a lot of hope lately is: "you can make your way back from anything." I'm going to believe this is true and show everyone that it's true. 
When I came into school in September I weighed 133 pounds. I felt huge, and it was one of my highest weights. I looked swollen and my shape looked bloated. I went to the gym everyday that month, minus maybe five or six days. I tried to eat lower amounts of calories and healthily. I ended up losing ten pounds and getting into really great shape, fitness-wise. I was able to run, walk long distances, and do all the machines for extended periods of time. I had great muscle tone and was pretty limber. I had been stretching and doing strength training. I was so full of energy, and my speed was definitely at one of its most peak times. 
After getting down to 123 ponds by the beginning of October, I began to struggle to keep it down. I stopped going to the gym as often due to a knee injury and I started to binge eat like I had done so many times before. I started to gain the massive amounts of weight every time I would go home for little breaks. It's not because of home cooking or anything. It was all done out of a detrimentally familiar pattern I had fallen captive to, so many times before. 
Around this time, I also changed dorm rooms and I was under a lot of stress. (I don't deal well with stress!) I would go back to the gym for a few days and then fall out of the pattern again. I would try to not eat a lot, go on diets, detox, but nothing was working. I had no self-restraint or will-power. I was in my fifth year of being a vegetarian, and I gave it up for December and January because I wanted to go on a low-carb diet. I ended up gaining about fifteen pounds by the end of those two months. It was the worst decision because it showed immature I was becoming about my weight issues.
Here I am now. My 5'2" and 156 pound self, ready to get back to the pride I once took in my body. I understand it's going to be difficult, but I'm willing to make it fun and take this demon head on!
I can do this, and so can you! Even if you're just trying to become fitter, eat more healthily, diet of pounds, or make a change in your life, come along for the ride. I'll post about diets, low-calorie recipes, nutritional tips, diet tips and tricks, exercises, and mental health. I'm also a big person on inspiration. I'll post a daily inspirational skinny minnie picture. I'll also follow people in the public eye from time-to-time. I will give reviews on new things in the weight loss world, such as success stories, television shows, health magazines, diet books, and foods. 
XOXO Diet Diva

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  1. Be confident, lose the bitch part, you don't need it. Good luck.