Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No one is going to lose the weight for you!

I just wanted to tell everyone, I'm finally on top of it. I'm fully committed. I'm over the drama, emotional hysterics, lack of commitment, bingeing, and slip-ups! I read something really motivational last night, which went along the lines of this: No one is going to lose this weight for you, and it's true! No one else is going to start this ketosis-flame up, except moi!! I'm committing to eating meals, stopping picking and grazing, late night eating, no exersice, poor mental health, and unstable sleeping patterns! My new motto shall be: "Carpe Diet!"-Seize the diet, everyone! We have to, no one else can do it for us!!!
**Even though, I'm going to one, single food-post per day, I just wanted to show you my improvements-one word: breakfast! (haha) 

Dannon Light & Fit (2 pts.) & Mixed Fruit Cup (1.5 pts.) 1 liter of H2o (0 pts.)

DD Iced Coffee {Skim/2 Splenda} (0.5 pts.)

BTW, I take a few supplements. I always have. As I said before, up until October, I was the healthiest person ever. I have great hair, skin, and I look very young. I also have fantastic above ordinary vision. I did stop taking them since October, but I just started again with this change!
They help for a plethora of things: weight, bones, vision, beauty, heart, skin, metabolism, etc.

My must haves:

1. Muti-Vitamin
2. Vitamin D
3. Vitamin Bs
4. Vitamin C
5. Calcium
6. Fish Oil Capsule 

XOXO Diet Diva!

Here's the rest of my day:

-Today was super successful! I had less than my 22 point deficit! =)
I'm happy, nourished, and quite honestly proud that I'm making changes! 

Today, I couldn't take a picture of my lunch because I ate with my best friend and when I remembered to take the picture, she had already gotten her tray. This will not happen again. But, I'll explain it:
1-100% Whole Wheat Thomas' English Muffin with a half cup of sliced extra firm tofu and lettuce, tomato, and 1/4 cup organic black beans. 
With lunch I had a low calorie (92 calorie) smoothie for the fitness center. It's called Peach Sunrise. It had a beautiful and hue and an even more beautiful taste! It came out weird on my camera though:

For dinner I had Amy's Chunky Tomato Soup. For Dessert I had a one point WWatchers chocolate cake. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Food Post Sample

{180 calories-3 points?}

{40 cals.-0.5 pts.}

So, I have to admit, due to a rough test this morning I did not sleep last night at all! (Oh, College!) I have a 10 page paper due tomorrow on top of exhaustion, so I wasn't consistent today! I know this is a mental thing, but after I have a big binge episode, it takes me several days to get back to a normal eating pattern and amount of calories. So, today I grazed with food a lot and didn't eat meals! I didn't count points or calories today. Tomorrow will be my first officially regimented day of meals, sticking to a 22 point {just figured it out this evening} weight watcher's plan. I also realized that if I'm out I can still take pictures on my Black Berry. 
How was everyone's day?!

XOXO Diet Diva!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Binge Eating

Good Evening Divas,
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I, on the contrary, had a mess of a time! It's always extremes with me! As you all know, I've been contemplating diets and really trying to plan out stuff! Well there's good and bad news. 
First, let's get the ugly out of the way. I ate pretty poorly for the past few days. As mentioned, when I weighed myself on Saturday, I had not gained the weight, and I remained at 160.6/8 lbs. I had a bit of a bingeing episode yesterday, and ate the most I have in a REALLY long time-thousands of calories. I fear that I've developed Binge Eating Disorder as it's near impossible to control and it happens regularly. (I mean how many people do you know that can gain 40 lbs in 6 months?) Well, I weighed myself today and in the matter of one day, I went all the way up to 166 lbs!!!! 5 pounds in ONE DAY! Wowie!
Now about the good! I've decided on my diet! I'm going to try to stick to weight watchers starting tomorrow all through to September. I think that due to the comments you've all left, you collectively think it's the most effective, realistic, attainable, and safe! Starting tomorrow morning, I'm going to take pictures of everything I eat! 
By the way to be honest, after this morning's weigh in, I'm feeling super down! I can't help but feel ashamed, hopeless, and embarrassed. My weight is becoming mortifying. I look so stocky for someone of only 5'2". Also, I'm SO young that it must seem unfortunate. Next, I'm obsessed with fashion and I currently fit into nothing, not to mention I look awful in clothing right now. With the heat, I need to wear less clothing, and I feel ashamed. Lastly, I'm starting to feel real physical symptoms like achy stomach, severe bloating, tightness in my skin, rubbing arms and thighs, and tendonitis!

Two quick questions:
1. Do you have anything you could share about Weight Watchers, including links?

2. Would you prefer all my food pictures in one big post at night or whenever I eat it, upload it in separate posts?

XOXO Diet Diva!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Food Paparazzi!

By the way, starting tomorrow, I'm going to begin to take pictures of everything that I eat and post them on this site. I think that this will make me more aware and conscience of what I plan to eat. I think that it will also encourage a structure in my eating habits. I want to try to stick to eating meals rather than picking all day. I hope you enjoy seeing what I eat! I'm rather serious about losing the weight now! 
Unfortunately for the next 12 days, you all will witness the budget and limits of college dining! Prepare your eyes for Tupperware used as bowls and lots of disposable stuff! Also, the dishes will be non-complex and take about 5 minutes to make! 
I can't wait to be home and be able to: go to the grocery store, eat out of something that breaks when you drop it, eat at a table like a civilized human-being, and use something to make my meals other than a MICROWAVE!

Day 1-The night I think it all turned around...

Last night, I was up very, very late. I ate really poorly all day yesterday, as I have for the 
past few months. I had been grazing all day! Every few weeks or so, I have a massive binge. Even
though I know right from wrong, my mind and body fall subject to it's unrelenting desires. So, I
went downstairs at about 3:30 AM to the vending machine to get a couple of bars of chocolate.
(Pathetic, I know!) I'd checked my card and I had enough on it, but when I swiped it into the
machine, it said "insufficient funds-denied!" I went back upstairs and checked again, and I
definitely had a sufficient balance. Then, I decided to go downstairs and try again, but again
On my way back up in the elevator, I began to smile. I looked up and realized that this
was some higher being's doing. I never have been completely unsuccessful on a binge-EVER! 
One of you must have crossed your fingers for me, because I didn't binge gaining 
another two or three lbs. last night! I went to bed realizing that it's over. Things are changing 
and this is my new beginning!
It's a Saturday in college, so naturally I've only been up for two hours. I weighed myself when I
woke up, and it said 160.6/8 lbs! This means I've remained exactly the same. Thank God!
Like I said, today is Day 1 of the first diet that I will ever stick to! After much
contemplation, I decided that I need a diet with more structure. I still need to be eating only
1,200 calories per day. (I know many of you were concerned, but 1,200 calories is actually the 
smallest-safe number of calories one can eat and be healthy on a diet. Thank you, but I'll be 
So after partnering up with another Diva* and reading a lot before bed, I've decided that
Weight Watchers is the way to go right now. I think I'm allowed 20 pts. per day. The Hungry-
Girl Website will definitely be coming in handy now!
I really hope this diet works and that I can shed about 5 lbs. before school ends in two
weeks. Pray for me Divas!

XOXO Diet Diva!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Chose a Diet, and i'm sticking with it!

Hola, my little dieting chicas! I've decided that I've just been expecting these pounds to fall off on their own. Well, I've come to terms with reality, and I know that just isn't going to happen! Like so many of you, I can't seem to get this weight loss going and in the mean time, my number is slyly creeping up, digit-by-digit. I'll probably be 162 by tomorrow (EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS THAT I DIDN'T GAIN ANOTHER POUND!! :]). 
In order to get some order into my life, I've decided I need structure in the form of a regime! So, after all these years of trial and error, reading health magazines, dieting books, and the like, I've decided to get my "tabula rasa" or blank slate going, as John Locke deemed it! I looked at dieting without bias, and just chose the most sensible one. Plain-and-simple, a pound of fat is 3,500 calories, which means I need to lose 140,000 calories (40 pounds)  before September. I can do this one of two ways: eating less calories and burning more! 
Currently, I weigh 161 pounds. My next step was to find out how many calories I'm currently allowed to have per day to maintain this weight as a female. A good way to do this is: get your body weight (ex. 161) and multiply it by 10 (=1,610), then add your weight to that number (=1,771). So, I'm allowed 1771 to maintain this weight. 
Logically, I can lose about 40 pounds by September-when school begins, by losing just 2 pounds a week. I can lose one pound by dieting and one by burning. So this means that in order to eat off one pound i need to cut 3,500 calories off of my intake per week, which is 500 calories per day (3,500/7 = 500). 
Therefore, ,my new dieting caloric intake will be 1271 per day, but to insure weight loss i"m going to make it 1,200 or less calories per day. Then, I also need to burn 500 per day in order to lose 2 pounds a week. 

Overall, my plan is a basic, age-old diet called science. To match a low calorie diet into one of the more popular ones, I decided that the Karl Lagerfeld one seemed the most effective for weight loss in a short amount of time. Read about it here, it's quite inspiring!

Is anyone on a diet? Even if you made it up, what are you doing to lose weight? I've read your blogs, and you all seem to be getting it off somehow!! =)

XOXO Diet Diva!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good News! Exciting!!

I'm about as excited as ever right now! One, school is over in 14 days! Two, Tweet What You Eat!
Tweet What You Eat is a new sister site of  http://twitter.com/. It's a food and weight diary. I already have a Twitter, so i just punched my log-in info at http://www.tweetwhatyoueat.com/. It was so easy and simple. Now I can log-in everything I put in my mouth, including it's calorie-content. There's also a section where you can log-in your weight. 
I love this site, because now I feel like I have to make everything more perfect! Also, it will be really great to see my daily total of calories. I don't want that number going over 1,200 right now. Also, I'm going to try and make a habit of logging in the foods at the right times. There's a tutorial video on the site. It'll show you how you can keep track of your intake right from your cell phone!

Enjoy this amazing tool & tell me how it goes!!

XOXO Diet Diva!