Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm being honest with YOU, and myself!

So here's a little update on my personal situation lately:

After the past few weeks of trying to get my life in order, I've noticed some things that must be changed today! I've gained a solid twelve pounds in the past month, and thirty six pounds since October. I haven't posted in a few days because I just went away for Easter weekend. Even though I was still gaining weight, I had made major changes but they were all derailed by unfortunate circumstances. 

In the past, I felt that "oh so rocky bottom" and would immediately do everything that I could to lose the weight-and fast! I've been waiting to really feel the "Oh gosh, no! I can't eat another extra thing until I see that number on the scale change!!" Well, I felt that rock bottom today! Upon looking in the bathroom mirror of my dorm this morning, I saw my size in comparison to a girl on my floor. This girl is a completely average weight person;not skinny or anything, just normal. I had been a lot smaller and tighter looking than this person at the beginning of the school year. Now, I'm completely larger than her! 

I can't bare the feeling of knowing that my gorgeous clothes are just hanging in my closet without an owner! Beyond that, I have nothing to wear right now, i feel awful, and every thing's getting harder to do. I know that losing this stubborn weight isn't going to be easy, so I don't want to keep packing on more pounds!

When I got back from vacation two days ago, I started at the gym again. I went again yesterday also. Even though I went to the gym, I still ate far too much during the day and a lot at night, completely negating all my hard work at the gym. I think that since this blog has started last week, I've gained about four pounds!

And I know the best way to stop the weight gain and stress dilemmas!

First, List the problems:

1. Not sleeping even close to enough/going to bed too late. Also, not staying in bed and getting up in the middle of the night and bingeing on hundreds of calories!

2. Not eating enough during the day. Not eating three meals and small snacks, but just eating small portions and picking all day long!

3. No regime or schedule to my life!

4. Not getting up early every day!

5. Not weighing myself everyday-or at all lately!

6. Not drinking enough water! 

7. Not eating at least 35 grams of fiber every day.

8. Not getting enough iron (I was formerly anemic).

9. Not keeping a food diary.

10. Not going to the gym, every day!

Second, think of resolutions to each of these problems:

So, here I am and all of my worries and problems are fixable. I CAN'T COMPLAIN or get stressed out now!

Here's what I'm going to do to fix them all:

1. Keep a food diary

2. Be in bed by 11:30 PM every night.

3. Even if I wake up, stay in bed all night!

4. Go on the computer less, in order to ditch the insomnia!

5. Get up by at most 7:30 am, every day!

6. No eating after 10 PM!

7. After dinner, only fruit and veggies, possibly yogurt (dairy helps you fall asleep!) or a 100 calorie pack of oatmeal if I've eaten a light dinner!

8. Take my vitamins and emergen-c for energy and strength!

9. Eat meals-no crazy diets or starvation (this will ward off late night munchies!)

10. Go to the gym everyday- NO excuses!

11. Cut out all simple carbohydrates-completely! They're not necessary for anything!

12. Get into a regime. Get things done during the day, and stop wasting time and relaxing so much!

Finally, begin to work on making the plans/schedules!

I'll keep you up to date on this! I believe in my will-power! I've done it before, and I can do it again!

If I make all of these changes my life will be perfect, stress-free, and the weight will fall off! School, dieting, exercise, and life will be rewarding, and a whole hell of a lot easier!

XOXO Diet Diva!


  1. i am a mother of 4 and barely had time for myself, but i am going to get inspiration from you, mark my word! so better keep up to your promise,lol.whew!

  2. You can do it! I know you can. YOU know you can!

  3. The good thing about hiting rock bottom is that you can push yourself back up. Be brave girl:) *hugs*

  4. Thanks for stopping by my Blog!

    You can do this, and the one thing that I would like to stress, is to take care of yourself now, so unlike me your not spending your time worrying about your weight when your older.

    I was a hottie in my teens and 20's but took my body for granted, then I turned 30 and I gained more weight every year. Now that I'm 39, and 45lbs heavier then I was 6 years ago, I'm working on making my 40's healthier and happier then my 30's.

    I look forward to following your blog.

  5. Great post!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.