Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Challenge

Hello Divas,
Yes, it's been almost a week since I've last posted. I'm very sorry. I've had an extremely busy past few days. The Boston Marathon was yesterday! I'm very excited that I will be done with school in about 2 weeks, because then I'll definitely be able to do daily posting with more ease. 
AGH! Once again, I've been entranced by the Diet Devil, and I've messed up! I'd finally went down to 156.8 lbs from 160 lbs, but after the garbage this weekend, I'm back to square one! 
Fear not, I have a new challenge to do the trick! AND, I definitely want you all to join me! Tomorrow morning, we will weigh in to find out our starting/current weights. Then one week from tomorrow, we'll weigh ourselves again. Feel free to post your weigh-in stats to keep track. 
Okay everyone, be on your best dieting behavior starting tomorrow! We can all shed at least 2-3 pounds! 

Diet Diva XOXO


  1. Thanks for stopping by. :) Good luck with getting through this last spurt of school for the semester.

  2. How about pledge to try to make some better eating choices and getting more physical activity in?

    I think the numbers game will drive people insane. I think the goal isn't a diet to be jumped on and off, but a way of life of decent food choices and getting a little exercise.

    foolsfitness is all about a body build on soild foundations of mac and cheese. -Alan

  3. I'm with you on that challenge lets do it! I've been blogging since January and have yet to actually weigh myself in because im afraid to know how bad it's gotten, but tonights the night good luck to you as well!!