Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 1-The night I think it all turned around...

Last night, I was up very, very late. I ate really poorly all day yesterday, as I have for the 
past few months. I had been grazing all day! Every few weeks or so, I have a massive binge. Even
though I know right from wrong, my mind and body fall subject to it's unrelenting desires. So, I
went downstairs at about 3:30 AM to the vending machine to get a couple of bars of chocolate.
(Pathetic, I know!) I'd checked my card and I had enough on it, but when I swiped it into the
machine, it said "insufficient funds-denied!" I went back upstairs and checked again, and I
definitely had a sufficient balance. Then, I decided to go downstairs and try again, but again
On my way back up in the elevator, I began to smile. I looked up and realized that this
was some higher being's doing. I never have been completely unsuccessful on a binge-EVER! 
One of you must have crossed your fingers for me, because I didn't binge gaining 
another two or three lbs. last night! I went to bed realizing that it's over. Things are changing 
and this is my new beginning!
It's a Saturday in college, so naturally I've only been up for two hours. I weighed myself when I
woke up, and it said 160.6/8 lbs! This means I've remained exactly the same. Thank God!
Like I said, today is Day 1 of the first diet that I will ever stick to! After much
contemplation, I decided that I need a diet with more structure. I still need to be eating only
1,200 calories per day. (I know many of you were concerned, but 1,200 calories is actually the 
smallest-safe number of calories one can eat and be healthy on a diet. Thank you, but I'll be 
So after partnering up with another Diva* and reading a lot before bed, I've decided that
Weight Watchers is the way to go right now. I think I'm allowed 20 pts. per day. The Hungry-
Girl Website will definitely be coming in handy now!
I really hope this diet works and that I can shed about 5 lbs. before school ends in two
weeks. Pray for me Divas!

XOXO Diet Diva!


  1. Go for it! I have heard a lot of good things about WW. I have considered it myself.

  2. Good for you! Do you need help figuring out how many points you are allowed? If so, email me. :)
    Hungry Girl has some great recipes and they're usually very good.
    Good luck!

  3. I think WW is a great idea for you for now! I had great success with it when I first started ... just don't get into the bad habits I had of using your points for bad food and justify it simply because it fit into your points ;)
    And, for what it's worth, 1200 calories isn't what freaked me out over your post the other night ... it was the fact that you said "1,200 or less calories." The "or less" is the unhealthy part I think we're all trying to steer you clear of! We get on your back because we care! :)