Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Before & Afters!

Wow! This flickr account may have some negative connotations, such as the controversy surrounding its URL! I have to say some of the pictures, I disapprove of as motivation! But, I feel that these shots do show you that you really can change your body around! 
Everyone be healthy! Love your body! It's your temple! Long & healthy lives is our goal! 

Heres the link:

What do YOU think of these pictures?


  1. Very interesting. All I needed for motivation was one really bad picture of me.

  2. yes, that's always the wake-up call!
    are you currently losing weight? or have you in the past?
    XOXO Diet Diva =)

  3. I think they're wonderful motivation and inspiration to show that no matter how much you have to loose or how hard the road ahead will be, women before you have done it, and they are strong and you can be too :)

    and also, where has the controversy surrounding the URL came from? i'm just curious.

  4. yes, i think that these are very dramatic before & afters.
    looking at them gives me a lot of hope.

    and in response to the comment above me, the word "thinspo" is a commonly used slang word amongst pro-anorexia/eating disorder websites.

  5. Some really great pics!

    I don't like the first: as I don't think she really needed to lose weight... if she did it certainly wasn't as much as she has... I think she looks way too gaunt!

    I think this one is my favourite: I used to look like that and have every intention of getting back that way too!

    Keep up the good work, great site :-) x